Tuesday, March 18, 2014

When Alli Came to Town

You guys, I know the picture quality is terrible, but I don't care. I had the best BEST surprise of my life thus far last Thursday! At 6:45am my sister and her friend Felicia show up on my door step totally unannounced... it. was. awesome!! I've been begging my sister to visit since I moved here and never would have expected she'd come without telling me. There was lots of screaming and lots of hugging. How I made it though work that day is anyone's guess.

Felicia and Alli picked a perfect weekend, I mean, SXSW?! It doesn't get better than that! We spent some time downtown taking in the festivities, we hiked, we went to a huge arcade, we had a bonfire, we rocked out at Alamo Drafthouse's 80's Sing-Along in head to toe 80's fashion. It was an absolute blast having two of my favorite people visit!

Now to nail down a time to return the favor...

I love you, Alli! Thank you so much, Felicia, for getting my sister here and home again safely <3



  1. It looks like it was such a great weekend for you guys! I'm glad that you were happy to see your sister and her friend! Any unannounced visit from anybody is no fun for me! I always like to get stuff together before guests come to visit. Barefoot at the creek? So much fun, right?!

    Carla @ love cartista

    1. Hi Carla,
      So great to hear from you! In most cases I completely agree about unannounced visits, but with my sister exceptions must be made! We had a truly great time ;)



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