Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Six Years!

The first photo of the two of us.
 Jeff and I have been together six whole years today. Wow. That's more than a fifth of my life. J and I met my senior year of college in a theater history class. He was the cute boy across the room and I was the 21 year old innocent goody two-shoes who'd never had a boyfriend. I was shy as all get out and he was too. It's a miracle we ever started talking to begin with. My dear friend, Liz, gets all credit for calling him up New Year's night 2006 and telling him in a very peculiar way (I will never post here) that I 'liked' liked him.

College Nerd Party
Jeff's Graduation Day
 After dating for a year and a half we decided to move to Los Angeles together, what?! It was a huge leap of faith coming alone, much less with a partner in a semi-new relationship. Anything could've happened. Luckily, we found that we quite liked living in close quarters. Our first place was a studio apartment with one real room of living space not counting our kitchen, bathroom, and closets.  We've moved twice since then and are now enjoying the extra space, haha!

We're L.A. People Now

Jeff's First Birthday in L.A.

 Jeff and I have gone on many adventures together. We've gone to San Francisco for our two year anniversary, San Diego, Vegas twice, Colorado, Chicago, and lots of day trips just out of the city. We had a romantic weekend at a fabulous hotel in the city to celebrate four years together. We are now bubbling over with excitement for our next getaway, Europe! I can't tell you how excited I am. I haven't been in eight years and this will be a first for Jeff.

Our First Movie Premiere

Law Abiding Citizen at Grauman's
 I am so blessed to get to kiss my best friend every night. He is my comfort and my calm. He rationalizes my crazy but is entertained by it at the same time. That's what I love most about him. He lets me burst out in song, or break into a dance and he's totally charmed by it. I LIVE to hear him laugh. I know how lucky I am to be so loved.

New Year's 2012

Happy Anniversary, Babe!

Photo by Katherine Elizabeth Photography

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I See London, I See France...

I See London
I see London
I See France
I see France

Jeff and I have done it! We've booked our BIG vacation to London and Paris! We are beyond excited and can't wait to delve into history books and buff up on the ins and outs of all the incredible sights we'll be seeing in just a few short months.

London is my favorite city in all the world! Paris, well...Paris and I have an unfortunate past. Things will be different this time around, I'm confident of it. This time I'll be with a man and this time I won't be afraid to go out after dark, ha!

While I'd love to don either of these outfits for jaunts around the city, I'm thinking more practically and am on the hunt for a lovely pair of brown flat boots. Suggestions are more than welcome!

Bonne Chance!