Sunday, October 30, 2011


That's right, folks. Time again to break out the face paint, tulle, and synthetic hair. It's Halloween. I can't say why, but this year my heart just wasn't in it. I've been especially moody lately and in turn had been d.r.e.a.d.i.n.g doing anything or making anything or being anything for the weekend festivities. However, my friends and boyfriend wouldn't let me stay in bed as I was wont to do.

We all agreed to start getting ready for the night at 7:00. It was then 6:45 and I had nothing but vague ideas for who I'd disguise my surliness by dressing up as. Time to brainstorm. Quick! Name famous blonde movie characters...Elle Woods...Cher Horowitz...Marilyn Monroe (as anything)...The Bride from Kill Bill. Shoot, nothing yellow in my closet. Who else? "What about that other blonde in Kill Bill?" Who's that? "Elle Driver," Jeff suggests. Ah, we may be on to something...

I have a black blazer, and Mae gave me a white dress shirt, I have black pants and boots. EASY! Jeff whipped up my eye patch and lo and behold, here's the perfect chance to use that sword I bought Jeff four Christmases ago (yes, really).

I am so happy I went as this bad-ass chic. It helped to break me out of my moody blues and no kidding, I walked around with a bona fide swagger all night! One of my favorite pictures of the night was captured by my talented friend, Shane.

How tough am I?!

Happy Halloween (thank goodness!)


  1. I love it! The heels, the sword, the swagger....sometimes we need a break from ourself to break the cycle of blah. Sounds like you succeeded!

  2. You look tough as nails, Lovett.

  3. You look gorgeous! Fantastic photo :)

  4. Awesome costume, you look so badass! And I'm impressed you pulled this together so quickly


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